The Three Bears     BUY NOW $1.50

Little Red Rhumba Hood   BUY NOW $1.50

Jack and Jill   BUY NOW $1.50

Little Miss Muffet   BUY NOW $1.50

Hickory Dickory Dock   BUY NOW $1.50

Clap Along with Me   BUY NOW $1.50

The Saints Go Marching In   BUY NOW $1.50

Hansel & Gretel   BUY NOW $1.50

Rumpelstiltskin    BUY NOW $1.50

Tom Thumb   BUY NOW $1.50

The Three Pigs   BUY NOW $1.50

One, Two, Button Your Shoe  BUY NOW $1.50

Simon Says  BUY NOW $1.50

The ABCs   BUY NOW $1.50

Little Jack Horner   BUY NOW $1.50

Humpty Dumpty   BUY NOW $1.50

Rub-Dub-Dub   BUY NOW $1.50

The Story of the Little Red Blazer Too   BUY NOW $1.50

Scatting On    Teach your cool little kitties to scat   BUY NOW $1.50  

Drum Language   Sam explains drum strokes to children   BUY NOW $1.50

Swingle Bells    Swing all the way through the Christmas season    BUY NOW $1.50

Slow to Fast   Teaching the basic concepts of slow and fast to kids   BUY NOW  $1.50

S.S. Rhythm - sail around the world listening to these local rhythms   BUY NOW $1.50


After You've Gone   5:51   BUY NOW $1.50

On the Alamo   4:29   BUY NOW $1.50

Dinah   5:17   BUY NOW $1.50

When it's Sleepy Time down South   4:03   BUY NOW $1.50

I Can't Give You Anything but Love  (vocal)  4:22   BUY NOW $1.50

All Alone   4:50   BUY NOW $1.50

Cute    4:31  BUY NOW $1.50

Moonglow   3:36   BUY NOW $1.50

Them There Eyes   4:21   BUY NOW $1.50

You're Nobody  (vocal)  3:42   BUY NOW $1.50

It's Been So Long   4:33   BUY NOW $1.50

My Buddy   5:41   BUY NOW $1.50

Thou Swell  4:45  BUY NOW $1.50

Way Down Yonder in New Orleans   3:28  BUY NOW $1.50

China Boy   4:24   BUY NOW $1.50

Alexander's Ragtime Band   5:21   BUY NOW $1.50


The songs you grew up learning, but delivered in Sam's inimitable jazzy, improv bebop style. These are the cool songs that got him booked onto “The Tonight Show With Steve Allen,” “I’ve Got A Secret,” and many other TV and radio shows.  There’s nothing else like it.  Download them now and your kids and grandkids can bop and scat their way through

"The Three Bears" and "Scatting On."

(Note to Little Red Rhumba Hood: Beware Tango Wolf!)



Steve Elmer is a Brooklyn-born piano player who was once a drummer himself and now devotes his complete attention to the piano and playing music that makes him happy.  He describes his approach as “Classic Jazz Piano”:  play the original song, improvise on the melody, the harmony, and the form, and keep it swinging one way or another.  For more info on Steve:

Sam and Steve met at a New York jam session; Steve was sitting at the piano by himself and Sam sat down at the drums.  There were no other musicians around.  Steve started to play, Sam joined in, and when they finished a few tunes together Sam said to Steve:  “We should do an album like this, just the two of us.”  That’s how “Brothers in Swing” was born.

Sam came to the Sunday morning session with his own snare drum and cymbals.  Steve came to the session with a list of tunes he liked to play.  After a brief sound check, Sam and Steve called the first tune, the engineer said “We’re recording!”, and off they went.  They followed this process for each tune  (with the exception of two songs), recorded each tune in one take.  Sam and Steve are very happy with the feeling and the spirit of the album and hope that listeners will be, too. 


“A legend in that secretive world where the fine points of flamlets and choke cymbal technique are discussed, it is safe to say that Sam Ulano has impacted more drummers than any man alive. The author of 1000s of books on every conceivable aspect of drumming, the early editions of which bring collectible prices, Ulano is also an NYC treasure who has been in the business forever. His long out-of- print, but highly desirable children's LP,Sam the Drummer Tells Famous Fairytales for Your Children, is also the stuff that engenders mythology. At 85, he is still writing, teaching and with the release of Sam and Steve/Steve and Sam: Brothers in Swing, happily still swinging.

“Here, Ulano is partnered with pianist Steve Elmer who quickly grasps that Ulano's wonderfully classic style is as to the point as his instructional books. In the process, the two get back to a time before the Charlie Parker revolution to produce a most enjoyable hour-plus program that, with brushes and sticks, swings across multiple tempos. These two take turns at both comping each other and joining as one for a session filled with classics like "I Can't Give You Anything But Love , "Moonglow and an "Alexander's Ragtime Band that closes things out with a surprising

American Indian flair.”

Elliott Simon, AllAbout


“I could just call it like the title, but that wouldn’t be much fun. So, I’ll say, if you play this, you’re about to experience a darling outsider-esque burn of a vinyl release to silicon (pops and al) by an Unkle Krakcpot who means well; I suppose.  Legendary jazz drummer, Sam Ulano, who’s authored over 2500 instructional drum manuals, must have had some grandkids or neighborhood rapscallions who needed to be babysat, so he grabbed his reliable traps, a copy of Grimm’s fairytales plus his imagination; a tape recorder and proceeded to recite fairy tales that belong in a 50′s swingin’ Catskills days talent show or a one man lounge act someplace off strip in Vega$.

“Drum Fairy Tales is instructional, pretty hilarious, at times frenetic, and always charming. But I still don’t know if I’d leave my kids with him. His catch phrase on a couple of tracks is, ‘it could happen?.  I have no doubt about it; it DID happen for Sam Ulano.”

Jack Soil for KFJC radio at

Sam Ulano’s recorded dozens of albums over his long musical career.  We’ve started the formatting process to transfer those old vinyl records to digital files to make them avavilable for downloading to his fans.  Check back for more releases.