Sam’s Drum Instruction Books and Inspirational Books

can be ordered by mail. 

Please clearly list the item(s) you want and include

your legible name, address and phone number.

Send a check or money order for the amount of the book,

plus the amount listed below for shipping and handling.

Your order will be filled and sent via first-class or priority mail.

Shipping costs for Drum Instruction Books:

1-3 books - add $5 for shipping

4-10 books - add $15 for shipping

10 or more books - free shipping

A complete 12-book Drum Reader Series set - free shipping

Shipping costs for Inspirational Books:

1-2 books - add $5 for shipping

3-8 books - add $15 for shipping

Mail your order to:

Sam Ulano

127 W 43rd Street  Apt. 1026

NYC, NY 10036-6565